Matti Ylönen


For an updated list of my publications, see my university website or my Google Scholar page.

In addition to my English-language research, I have published three peer-reviewed books in Finnish: one on Public Affairs firms (2022, with Mona Mannevuo and Niina Kari), another one on the intellectual history of studies of corporate power (2021), and the third one consultocracy, which I published in 2013 with Hanna Kuusela, before starting working on my PhD. I have also published non-peer-reviewed non-fiction books on tax havens (2008), the World Bank and the IMF (2011), and the European debt crisis (2015, with Mikko Remes.

I have also published numerous reports, op-ed articles, edited books, and other non-academic publications. One of these reports we wrote for Oxfam UK, on the tax planning arrangements of the health and hygiene firm RB, titled Making Tax Vanish.